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For Doctors: The latest imaging technology, Discovery IQ 3-ring, lends efficiency to doctors, allowing for an accurate diagnosis and enhanced cancer treatment for their patients


For Patients: We pair superior imaging technology, PET CT Scan (Discovery IQ 3-ring), with exemplary patient care, to guide and support you, promoting accurate results at the same time


PET/CT Scan Centre: Why settle for anything but the best? Choosing only PET Scan Center in East Africa with Discovery IQ 3-ring points you in the right direction

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PET CT is a major tool for
STAGING cancers of

  • Brain

  • Breast

  • Cervical

  • Colorectal

  • Esophageal

  • Head & Neck

  • and more

  • Lung

  • Lymphatic System

  • Pancreatic

  • Prostate

  • Skin

  • Thyroid

PET CT scan
may be useful in

  • Detecting cancer

  • Revealing whether your cancer has spread

  • Checking whether a cancer treatment is working

  • Finding a cancer recurrence